Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weekend Picks! What's Worth Watching and Where!

Yeah it's Thursday night and I should have had my weekend picks.  However, as the days grow closer to the summer the shows get better.  Making it hard to decided where to go and what to do.  I should be at a show right now.  Tonight will be a night of rest and catch up!  I want to make sure you my readers are getting your fill of RRNLSG.  Expecially since I have been absent for a good amount of time!  

Well San Diego i'm back and here are your weekend picks:

Friday 4-30
Lemon Sun and Leopold and his Fiction @ Bar Pink
Cat Party, Repeater, The New Assembly, Veil Veil Vanish @ Ruby Room 
Grand Tarantula, Shapes of Future Frames, Life Deposits @ Soda Bar.  
Street of Little Girls, The Dabbers, Moviegoers @ Tin Can Ale House
Buckfast Superbee Wirepony State To StateThe Fascination @ Casbah

Saturday 5-1
Title Tracks (ex-Q And Not U), Maren Parusel, teamAWESOME! @ Soda Bar
The Shambles performing Cheap Trick's Budokan plus DJ Mikey Face @ Bar Pink
Michael Dean Damron  with Chad Price and Micah Schnabel @ Radio Room
Jamuel Saxon, Brother Face (come see who they are!), River City @ Tin Can Ale House

Heartless BastardsHacienda Amy Cook @ Casbah 

Sunday 5-2
The Ponys, Disappears, Christmas Island @ The Casbah
(Livewire Bar and Bar Pink for just a relaxing night at the bar! sans Rockn Roll which is unheard of)

Alright Folks ill see ya at the shows! 

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