Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Rivals of Rockn Roll!

If there was a band that takes over where The Rolling Stones left off after Exile on Main Street.  You would know it must have come from a city made of great talent. San Diego has been stirring the scene with new upcoming acts.  Midnight Rivals have arrived.

The rock gods answered some prayers. A high energy band that not only brings it, but has the a great front man to prove that they can bring it!  Have you ever seen Lucy's Fur Coat?  I have.  Ever heard stories about Charlie and his antics on stage?  I have heard and seen way to many to write about it while keeping this sweet and short.  The line up of the band is :Charlie: vocals (Lucy's Fur Coat) Mark: drums (Convoy and Louis XIV) Mike: Guitar  (Lucy's Fur Coat) Morgan: Guitar (The Front) Pete: Bass (Petey X of Rocket from the Crypt).  If you are looking for a band that can make you dance, shake and shimmy in your shoes while tossing back a few cold ones then this is it.  Surprisingly enough I have seen almost all the show they have played and worked one show as their merch girl.  Seeing these guys come from amazing bands to start a new one always makes me giddy inside.  

The difference between a rock band and a rockn roll band is based solely on their influences.  The Midnight Rivals are pretty much an example of a modern Rockn Roll band.  They do not have gimmicks or fancy lighting, no tricks up their sleeves.  On the contrary they have been getting on stage and just plain rockin out.  Making this easy to dance and listen to.  Bands that produce music that can be played almost anywhere (shower, while cooking, deserted on an island, stranded during a flat on the highway) are hard to come by.  MR composes music that can be played in any situation

With great musicians the last thing you need is creative differences. In their music you can hear a bit of Rolling Stones, Faces, The Who and mainly anything rock coming out of '64-78. With the song writing talent of Morgan Smith.  It is easy to channel what he believes his band mates might be able to grind a stone towards a great tune.   The combination of Charlie and Morgan is what makes the process of writing music with the band almost expediental.  The way a song can be engraved into the writers head and then brought out with different ideas and tuning that wasn't thought during the initial writing process.  

As of late they have been recording a new full length with Brian Karscig (Louis XIV, Convoy, Nervous Wreckords) producing the eleven track album.   When it comes to working with Brian, Morgan has mentioned "that it is like working with Dr. Awesome."  Making sure that the band is recording to its full potential prior to moving on to its next song or track for that matter.   After a few days in the studio, MR might have gotten their sound down.  Their record should be coming out with in the months to come.  Keep an eye out for that.  

Till then their next show is April 17th at The Ruby Room (next Saturday) with Lessons from Zeke, Trip to Dover and SilentLune.  

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