Friday, April 30, 2010

The New Black

What is the new black?  DIY music videos.  From bands such as Republic of Letters, Hotel St. George to The Nervous Wreckords.  Bands this year have been bring out the camcorder calling up their crew and getting the visual stimulation going.  A few months ago. Hotel St. George invited me and about 50-100 of their friends to help them shoot a music video directed by David McHank for their single "That's Why I Drink Every Night."
Also around that same time The Long and Short of it came out with their very indie DIY release of "Turtle Island 2012."   Republic of Letters release their video "Stories,"  which was filmed at The Ruby Room.

Below are the new released videos of the our local favorites:

Little Children's Bones - Hotel St. George

Vast Systems - The Long and Short of It

Stories - Republic of Letters

Doing it to Do it - The Nervous Wreckords

Enjoy.  Hopefully I will be seeing more videos as San Diego has some talented people and should constantly be utilized!

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