Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wait what? Almost a year?

It seems to me that have been writing all my life.  If I can write my life in two words it would be : Composition Book.  The one thing that is constantly carried in my bag.  Notes on shows that are coming up, bands that have been newly introduced to me, show, and cd reviews.   Sometimes I worry that it will get lost and all my ideas will be giving credit to by some one else who read what I have in my head.  Then carried out.   Luckily enough that hasn't happened.

Can you believe it?  It has been almost a year since I started this blog.  I started writing about bands a while ago working with SLAMM mag when I was 16 years old.  Now I am 26 turning soon and here I am on my computer still writing about bands and local San Diego music.  To celebrate the 1 year turning of this blog, I have teamed up with Sean Cute of Ruby Room for a show that is not to miss.

(Click on the flyer to make bigger for the blind)

Lord Howler is a band that started as a solo project with lots of energy from Charlie McRee (MEX, Wirepony) that needed a rockin band to back up the influential rockn' roll that he wanted to create.  

Red Tiger is Steve Rodriguez (Dragons)  with the ambition of a new of an almost Punkn' Roll band with the similar rockn roll attitude. 

Brian Holwerda is going to be bring up some of his buddies on stage to help him with his unplugged plugged set.  They will be doing a few Blackout Party tunes and also some solo songs as well.  

This is a great line-up of a show.  Knowing all these guys, they will be ready to get an early start drinking for this Rockn Roll show.  So mark your calendars and get ready for the One Year Anniversary for Rockn Roll Never Looked So Good! 

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lord howler rules