Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weekend Picks. What's worth Seeing and where!

Ah yes the weekend.  It is finally here and of course there are a lot of great shows within the next few days.  To be honest, there are good - great to not so great shows on a nightly basis.  Tonight is the Sounddiego Launch Party.  With performances by Gregory Page, The Silent Comedy, and other.  I'm excited for this as much as I am for Wirepony being member of the day today!  Yes, Fm94.9 played Wirepony's Some  Lighting off their lastest release Wirepony.  

Ladies and Gents the weekend picks! 

March 4
The Clientele, The Wooden Birds, Tropical Depression @ Casbah
The Nervous Wreckords @ Bar Pink
Kevin Martin, Gayle Skidmore, Jackson Price @ Tin Can Ale House

March 5
Michael Klayman Photoshow feat. A Scribe Amidst The Lions, Irradio, The Tractormen, Seesaw Ensemble @ Queen Bee's
The Bloody Hollies (CD Release), Fkenal, The Dead Ghost, Knives! @ Ruby Room
Leslie and The Lys, Christopher The Conquered, Lion Cut @ Casbah
River City, Little Hurricane, The Western Set @ Soda Bar
Christmas Island, Jeans Wilder, Dreamboat @ Tin Can Ale House
The Big Decisions, Ellamae, The Steelwells, Lisa The Lush @ Beauty Bar

March 6
Mike Watt and the Missingmen, Lite, The Hot Moon, Rats Eyes (Atari Lounge) @ Casbah
The Green Stamps, DJs Tony The Tyger & Go-Go Guillermo @ Tower Bar
The Amalgamated, The Revivers, DJ Skarina @ Radio Room
The Rumble: Twin Tigers, Birds & Batteries, Beaters, DJ Mikey Face @ Bar Pink
Mr. Rock Dude with Scarlet Symphony, Drug Wars @ Soda Bar

March 7
The Zeros @ Bar Pink
Sister Crayon, Syndicate @ Beauty Bar
Spero Lumina, Hocus @ Ruby Room

See ya at the shows! 

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