Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekend Picks! What's Worth Watching and Where!

Hola San Diego, Im sitting here on a train going to London.  I was absent last week due to SXSW (review to come soon).  I decided to take a small week and a half trip to Scotland to visit family and have a little bit of me time.  When your a workaholic, tension builds within your head.  Leaving the city, state or in my case the country is the best thing to do sometimes.  Yes right now im siting down getting ready for this train to leave Aberdeen, Scotland and take me to London, England.  Don't worry San Diego I will be back next week in time for some great shows including Gram Rabbit and Blackout Party.  I am also still looking out for you as in what shows to go to. 

Ladies and Gents I give you the Pick of the Weekend!  (Remember I am there in spirit.) 

March 25th
Weatherbox w/ Italian Japanese @ Bar Pink
Dying to wake/Arms Entwined / Rock Paper Tiger @ Ruby Room
Heart Fall Hearts,Tumbledown(Mike Herrera MXPX),The Brandy Alexander Band @ Radio Room
Otis Heat, Starcrossed, The Morning on Fire @ Soda Bar

March 26th
The Morning Benders Miniature Tigers We Barbarians @ Casbah
Surfer Blood, Turbo Fruits, Lanterns @ Bar Pink
The Fleshies, Stones at Heart, Street Eaters, Tubers@ Soda Bar
The Donkeys, Space Nature @ Tin Can Ale House

March 27th
The Dabbers, The Hot Moon, Sunday Times@ Tin Can Ale House
CKYYear Long DisasterWarner Drive@ Casbah

Reverend Mothers, Cidro Punks, La Corde@ Soda Bar

Four Minutes Til Midnight / Fight From Above (LA)/Cat party(LA) @ Ruby Room

March 28th
Fever Sleeves Helen Earth Band The Tall ShipsGreg Gibson @ Casbah
JEFF The Brotherhood w/Splinters @ Bar Pink

I will keep you all updated on more shows to come.  Hope you can all make it to these shows although I will be there in spirit, I will see you all when I return. 

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