Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Like a bird ready to fly

For the longest time I knew I wanted to do a small piece on Maren Parusel and her wonderful band.  Every time the opportunity came, so did writers block.  I would sit there and wonder, what is it about this band that puts a smile on my face. Six months ago when at SXSW I was watching the band and something came over me.  It was almost like a form of relaxation and complete bliss.  When headed back to San Diego, I asked for the press kit and started reading their bios and listened to their music more than before.  

Today finally I decided to do what their live music makes me feel, to just go with the flow.  As "Days in Universe" is playing in the background.  I placed my hands on the keyboard and went along for the music journey that is Maren Parusel.  

Ever since Maren step foot unto American soil, only good things have been coming her way.  She grew up in small town in Germany (Tubingen).  As a child, she was classically trained on piano. Then jumping on to a bass and guitar in her teenage years.  Her musical influences also changing.  From composers such as Debussey and Chopin to artist like Chuck Berry, The Pretenders and song writers such as Leonard Cohen.  

From Wild Weekend to her own band, the stylistic music journey is never ending for Maren. During SXSW the legendary Kim Fowley took an interest in her.  The band traveled to Los Angeles to record with him.  Following that was a mini tour up the coast.   Maren is like a song bird ready to wake the morning before soaring the sky with her enchanting voice and dreamy lyrics. 

Her next show will be at Casbah San Diego with Get Back Loretta, Black Hondo, and Gunrunner on Novemeber 18.  Make sure you get your tickets soon.  This one will sell out quickly.  While you're there make sure to pick up her five song EP.  

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