Thursday, November 18, 2010

Exciting Weekend Ahead...

First time in a while that I have been so excited for shows!  This weekend has some amazing acts coming into town. I am pretty sure you will see me at everyone of those shows. I know this Friday I will be jumping from two venues..
Lets just make the quick list of shows you should all attend.  If you are not at these shows.  Then I recommend you ask for your testicles back from whom ever is hiding them! 
I am going to make your weekend plans very easy.  

  • Tonight 11/18 - Echo Revolution's CD Release Party w/ Wendy Bailey and The True Stories @ Eleven  
    • Maren Parusel and Guest  @ Casbah San Diego .
  • Tomorrow 11/19 - Images, Jet Kill Radio, and Compton SF @ Eleven
    • Flexx Bronco w/ Superbees, and Tuggs at  Bar Pink
  • Saturday 11/20 -The Dragons with Lord Howler and DJ Gary Shuffledust ... For Mario's Tearful Birthday (mans getting old but still looking young)
  • Sunday 11/21 -  Bloody Mary Recovery time @ Eleven... DO IT!
So Ill see ya at those shows!  

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