Friday, October 15, 2010

Young Post Hipster Sweethearts Playing Dirtwave..

The description given to me by San Diego's lovable Ryan Blue about his new band was "post hipsters sweethearts playing dirtwave."   Post hipsters so true.  Sweethearts, also true.  Playing dirtwave, Is that a new genre? Or is that just what the creative Ryan Blue thinks of his music?

If you remember my expedition with five awesome companions towards SXSW earlier this year, well one of those companions was no other than Ryan Blue.  Silly tall man that was around for an entire week with four others. A good thing I met Ryan.  Didn't know much about him till that week.

Now months after that adventure, here I am doing a piece on his band. Centerlight Pop.  Don't let the name confuse you to thing they are bubblegum, happy go lucky, pop rocks, and lollipops kind of band.  Instead they bring the alternative - country, anything can happen rockn roll into the bar.

That crooning Ryan does in all his songs bring that almost country vibe. The music behind him is high energy rock.  When the other members of then band cosist of River City, Golden Red, and Gun Runner.  You know your in good hands.

Their music could be best describe as a country rock ballad that has never been heard.  Its not really like Ryan Adams and The Allman Brothers had a bukaki.  Nothing like The Who decided to explore their Amur-ic-ahn red neck side. However the classic meets the new improved alternative country rock. Centerlight Pop takes it to a whole new level of music.  Since the band first started with their debut show at Lestats for NPMT, they have been getting nothing but exploding reviews.

This might not be as exploding, however, I recommend checking out the band.

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