Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Come Out Tonight......

Lord Howler started as a solo project by Charlie McRee who drums for variety of bands (currently MEX and Wirepony).  He started recording music that he enjoyed to play. Doing lead vocals and lead guitar,  McRee needed a band to capture the love of thrash and classic rock.  Recruiting drummer Jake Najor, bassist Pete Pisaturo, guitarist Mike Shultzman, Lord Howler came about.  They just released a 10 song self titled album recorded in no other than Chaos Records.   

It's gritty, it's grungy, it's one album that is proper for the 2010 upcoming summer fun.  Ladies and gentlemen when you hear the song "Come Out Tonight."  Lord Howler means it.  From the moment you press play all you want to do is jump over the hood of the inferno red '69 Camaro drop top down, and gun it across the country fist pumpin into the air. 

This heavy, dirty, southern rock album should be praised correctly.  When this album hit my cd player, all I could think about was a cross breed between, ZZ Top, Turbonegro and old school Metallica (when they didn't suck). Each song delivers it's own unique madness for high speed driving.  The fast heavy hitting songs such as "Come Out Tonight"  is almost the new Friday night theme song.  Also, songs like "WMSP" and "Space Terror" are in the top list of songs that I have enjoyed from this album.  One song however put me in to utter shock on the way it was not only arranged, but the vocals as well.  "Before the Cold" had a very Alice In Chains sound to it.  A melodic song that starts very somber and half way through it picks up enough beat and tempo as the old 90's grunge ballads. 

The gritty style hard rock album is a great pick of albums for fast driving through the open road.  Please don't get a speeding ticket.  Next show that Lord Howler plays please make sure to pick up an album.  

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