Monday, May 31, 2010

Ghetto Blaster Making a Scene

The one front man that can entertain everyone including a cat in heat is no other than Ryan Foxe. From the stories I have heard over and over from people around town is two things, the man is both a legend and a "fucken tool."  The former Fishwife front man has been staying busy with two projects, The Grids and now Ghetto Blaster.  

Ghetto Blaster has only played two shows with their opening at Bar Pink with Dog Shredder and supporting Red Fang at Casbah.  This band can be described as an experimental math-rock (not like Rush).  Of course on their page they describe themselves as Christian Rap, and Ghettotech, and Regional Mexican.  Just put it this way, loud energetic and ready to melt your face.  Ryan Foxe is all over the stage but not with the same antics as before, unless he is waiting for the right moment. His vocals can be best described as a nasally croon of Jello Biafra and a pissed off cookie monster on acid.  Knowing Foxe more of his characters will be coming as the months progress.

Hopefully this isn't going to be a part time band, with some EP's and full lengths.  Maybe a tour?  They recently played at the RRNLSG show on Saturday May 29th with Lord Howler and Brian Howlerda from Blackout Party.  Many people where blown away from Ghetto Blasters performance.  What did you expect when you have great local musicians getting together to form one spectacular project.  What more can a band ask for when they have only been together for 4 months.  A few EP's sold and a few shirts sold!  

Ghetto Blaster will be playing again with Lord Howler and Black Hondo at the Radio Room June 12th.  

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