Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Amateur Hours at the Clubs!

Dear Venues.

Sunday was a disgrace on poor venue booking and managing. Are we fifteen all over again? Did you forget to check the other venues, to see who else was playing? It is not smart to book bands with a similar following. The same group of twenty has to be split between three venues. I feel as though you might need to refer to your Booking Shows 101 manual before continuing the summer festivals. Thank You for reading this

Bullet McKenzie

Seriously speaking what a poor cluster fuck of shows at the Ruby Room, Radio Room, and Soda Bar. Ruby Room and Soda Bar double booked the same bands. Who's fault was it? The Bands! (at Ruby and Soda Bar) It was amateur hour all over again. At Soda Bar the lineup was BRAAIINS!!, Nightmares, Pipsqueak, ULTRATWIST. Now the lineup at Ruby Room was Volts, ULTRATWIST, Pipsqueak. Whats wrong with this lineup? On both sides?

Turns out Soda Bar knew about this mix up, and had told the bands to play Ruby Room. When i should up at Ruby Room, half of the bands where there and the other half were at Soda Bar. Braaiins wanted Ultratwist and pipsqueak to play with them. Bad Braaiins.... This over compensation of what could of been a good band years ago is dictating where out of town touring acts should play once venues have booked them else where?

Dear Soda Bar get your shit together. So Far you have been doing well with shows. However one fuck up is not a good thing. Especially because you dont know who is walking into your venue to check out what all this confusing is all about. Ruby Room, decide to just say "Fuck it." they have such great shows coming up anyways. One Sunday with out music is not a bad thing.

Dear Radio Room,
Your Reputation as a venue is slowly dwindling in a downward spiral. I had to leave because it hurt so much to see the lack of people. Over hearing people mention "Sausage Fest." As much as I wanted to support the bands, so I stayed for over 2 hours. Did you really have to start a Sunday show at 10pm? ON A SUNDAY? What kind of RETARD starts a how at 10pm? Having the last band play at MIDNIGHT!? ON A SUNDAY?

Please do something to enlighten my senses when I am at your venue. From the hearsay around town with bands. They are not wanting to play there any more. OH NO! what will you do with the lack of people, and lack of bands? Will Radio Room be another venue gone under? I might have to even remove you from my blogging... However you still have some good shows coming up. Please do me a favor and refer to your Booking Shows 101 Manual again before booking another Sunday show like this past one.

Thanks For Reading
Bullet McKenzie


Richard said...

This is hardly soda bars first mistake as a venue. The first was cancelling months of shows after taking over Chasers

Anonymous said...

what a whiner.

Bullet McKenzie said...

OH, not whining... just mentioning the fact that good shows are out there, but promoters are double booking, which isnt good for either the band or the club, its a loss of money for the club the promoter and the band....