Thursday, July 15, 2010

They Call Them Blackout Party For a Reason......

Want to go fishing?  How about the bottom of the sea?  Ever heard of a blackout party?  Besides what Blackout Party defines in drinking? If you haven't ever seen this band, then you wouldn't understand what I am talking about.

For a while the Monday night residencies at the Riviera Supper Club and Turquoise Room would belong to no other than Blackout Party.  Playing all the known favorites from their self release album Bottom of the Sea.  It was a night to be sitting at the bar or in a booth with friends while eating a steak and drinking whiskey.  It would be one of those nights where you know what was going on till you woke up with a tiger in the restroom and a baby in the closet. ( Hangover reference for those confused)

As Mondays came and went the band finally decided to go on a small hiatus.  Leaving their usual gigs to Melly Francis and The Distilled Spirits.  (Another band that is worth noting.)  During the bands' hiatus they will be working on a new fall album. Recording at three different locations, his will be another DIY recording by Blackout Party.  The songs that will be featured on the the new album will be some that the regulars at the Riviera Supper Club might be familiar with.  Also featuring new songs by Tim Lowman and Jeff Hawthorne.  As Brian mentioned, " im hoping to get everyone singing lead on at least a song or 2 in the future, like the Band."  That would be a special album made by this band.  

The song writing collaboration between all the members of the BOP had gotten Brian excited.  Mostly everyone writes their part in for a song, so everyone is involved no matter what.  There first day of official recording begins at the end of July.   Starting with drum tracks.  No leaks yet, but when they happen I will be the first to let you all know.  

Although, they are on hiatus, Blackout Party will be playing shows sporadically  through out San Diego.  Such as Saturday July 17th at Casbah with The Howls, and Silent Comedy headlining.  Something new that you will see at this show is a new and bigger sound with the help of Ben Simonetti playing trumpet and flugel horn and hopefully Gabriel Sundy on saxophone.  

Make sure you show up for all the new tricks this band has up their sleeve.  You do not want to miss out on what Blackout Party has in store.  If you have not picked up their last record make sure you do on Saturday.

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Jesse said...

Blackout Party on Mondays was our post-rehearsal ritual. Our favorite local band for sure. Cant' wait for the new album, bout time to hear "Crystal Shoes" and "California Sky."